Erebor Battle Master

Ally. Cost: 3. 0   1   1   2  

Dwarf. Warrior.

This card was errata'd

Erebor Battle Master gets +1 for each other Dwarf ally you control. (Limit +4 .)

RafaƂ Hrynkiewicz

The Long Dark #79. Tactics.

Erebor Battle Master

Erebor Battle Master was completely overpowered in a Dwarf deck before his errata (spoiler alert: he still is). You could plop him down and he'd swing for a minimum of four for the rest of the game. As is, he takes a couple of rounds for him to get pumped up, but once you get your dwarf swarm going, the Battle Master rivals a Booming Ent trio. Just let him sit there, making Dain's boost look insignificant, staring down (up? he is a dwarf) orcs with that one eye of his.

And now another nerf hit our old friend limiting is bonus to attack to +4 (for a total of 5 Attack), a long life of battles is really starting to take a toll on him... — Alonewolf87 2307