Healing Herbs

Attachment. Cost: 0.


This card was errata'd

Attach to a hero.

Action: Discard Healing Herbs and exhaust attached hero to heal all damage on 1 character.

Sara Biddle

Foundations of Stone #109. Lore.

Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs is an option for healing that is often overlooked. It costs zero, which is a big plus in Lore and you can retrieve it with Erebor Hammersmith. It does have the constraints of exhausting a hero and it only heals one chararcter, but the table will often have an uber-defender like Beregond or Elrohir that needs to stay healthy. Their are also a multitude of Lore support heroes that can afford their actions on Healing Herbs. Bifur, Mirlonde, Damrod, Ori, Pippin, Folco, Galdor, Erestor, Bilbo, and Grima all fit the bill. I think this is an underrated card.