Hirluin the Fair

Hero. Threat: 8. 1   1   1   4  



You may use resources from Hirluin the Fair's resource pool to pay for Outlands ally cards of any sphere.

Hirluin the Fair of the Green Hills from Pinnath Gelin... The Return of the King
Tony Foti

The Steward's Fear #1. Leadership.

Hirluin the Fair

Hirluin the Fair is a EPIC hero! He is nothing without Outlands cards but those are so good I could put them in any deck even without Hirluin . With all the Outlands boosters he can have four , and seven . And all the Outlands cards are boosting each other at the same time!

Hirluin is OP in an outlands deck, which if you have The Stewards Fear you can make one. With Outlands cards, the Steward has nothing to fear!

Overall 7/10

Truck 1423

Hirluin is a very niche hero. I can't really see using him in anything outside of your typical Outland swarm decks. Maybe if you're on the fence when deck building and need a low threat leadership hero but even then he'll need his allies or else his stats will be wasted, and there are other better options like Denethor and Sam Gamgee in those regards. He does have a better pool of hit points for quests with archery I guess.

eddyvan 34