Flame of Anor

Event. Cost: 1. Victory 1.


Action: Add Flame of Anor to the victory display and discard the top card of your deck to ready an Istari character you control. That character gets +X until the end of the phase where X is the discarded card's cost.

"You cannot pass!" Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring
Diego Gisbert Llorens

The Road Darkens #7. Neutral.

Flame of Anor

I saw this had no reviews so, I wrote my first one. In a Gandalf deck this is great, even making Brok Ironfist decent with Wizard Pipe in case you draw him. 9 attack on one character with only 2-3 cards needed is nice, though Beorn is better than Brok for obvious reasons. Citadel Custodian combos good with this also. Plus, if you keep score, it gives you -1 point! Yay.

Fluffy1 23
This card works well in a Gandalf/Elrond synergy deck which aims to play high cost cards for free using Vilya. Thus, the deck naturally has expensive bombs like Jubyar, Firyal, and Gildor. — NERD 808