Campaign. Cost: 2.

Artifact. Item. Weapon.

Attach to a Hobbit hero. Restricted.

Attached hero gets +1 , +1 , and +1 . Response: After attached hero exhausts to defend an attack, discard the top card of the encounter deck. Deal damage to the attacking enemy equal to the discarded card's .

Magali Villeneuve

The Road Darkens #11. Neutral.


I know no one is out here on ringsdb reading the reviews of campaign cards especially boons, but this card has been so key to my campaign run that I will not let this blank page stand. Although it should thematically be attached to Frodo for most scenarios, this card reaches its peak of greatness when attached to the already great, and my favorite card, Sam Gamgee.

First off, the stat boost. 3 stats for a neutral 2 cost is of course fantastic and what you would expect. Although it's a balanced spread, Sam is one of few cards in the game that can make regular use of all 3 of his stats on one turn. With just this card and one Fast Hitch, he can quest now for 4, ready upon enemy engagement to defend for 3, and ready with fast hitch to attack back for 3.

Of course the above can be improved upon with other attachments or Rosie or methods to engage extra enemies, etc. But all those strategies are outlined on Sam's Page and this was supposed a be a review of Sting, whoops.

On to the ability. Direct damage is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you get lucky and discard enough threat to kill the enemy before they even attack, although it doesn't save you the exhaust. Even a couple points can make a huge difference, you can send your regular attackers questing and still eventually be rid of engaged enemies. And if you get "unlucky" and simply discard a treachery to deal no damage, typically the treacheries are the cards in the Saga you want to avoid revealing most anyway.

Finally and most importantly, unlike other weapons or boons like Anduril, this card does not need to be exhausted, it happens anytime the hero exhausts. If you have built your Hobbit deck around Sam as most do, that's typically at least 2 defends per turn, if not more, and thus more chances for damage.

No matter how tightly packed your 50-card Hobbit campaign deck is, make room for this.

frozen 128
I read it — NERD 567
Very nice review and yes I agree that this is an awesome boon. — Alonewolf87 1649
Only note that boons are added to a deck after deckbuilding, so they do not count towards to 50 cards minimum. — Alonewolf87 1649
Good catch, I should have read the directions instead of trusting the ringsDB deckbuilder — frozen 128