The Storm Comes

Player Side Quest. Cost: 0. Quest Points: 5. Victory 1.

Limit 1 copy of The Storm Comes in the victory display.

While this quest is in the victory display, the first ally played by each player each round does not require a resource match.

"For behold! The storm comes, and now all friends should gather together, lest each singly be destroyed."
Gandalf, The Return of the King
Tomasz Jedruszek

The Sands of Harad #13. Neutral.

The Storm Comes

What's great about this Side Quest is that it's not limited to 1 per deck. You can run 3 copies of it to make sure you get the benefit as soon as possible, even without having Thurindir as one of your heroes.

warlock000 3676

This is a very interesting side quest. While I think it is very underrated, it can be huge at times. For example, the other day I made a Harad deck with some of the cards I own and by getting this in my hand at the beginning of the game, it almost certainly means I can get a big ally out (like Firyal, Yazan, Jubayr) turn 2, which can be huge.

It's also a really good card to consider when playing a deck with three different spheres.

Who it works well with:

Thurindir because you can dig it out for the beginning of the game.

A deck that has high cost allies.

A deck which you use three different heroes of three different spheres of influence.

My opinion: 7/10 That's the link to my harad deck, if anyone is even interested. — GreenWizard 322
It's usually the third sidequest I add to my deck to get Thalion to Hero status. Neutral, 0 resources, and a useful effect = yes please. — SchadenfreudeNE 263