Wait no Longer

Event. Cost: 2.

Response: At the beginning of the quest phase, search the top 5 cards of the encounter deck for an enemy and put it into play engaged with you. Then, reveal one less encounter card this phase (to a minimum of 0). Shuffle the encounter deck.

"We must press our Enemy, and no longer wait upon him for the move."
Aragorn, The Return of the King
John Pacer

The Mûmakil #5. Tactics.

Wait no Longer

What if I told you this card could be one of the best tactict cards? I love also hammer-foe, feint, gondorian shield but this one give to tactic a unexpected aspect. Tactic heroes Hama and Mablung gets a real boost thanks to it. It gave a good alternative to the classic Boromir shell.

For me wait no longer is so strong because it gave opportunities to control the encounter deck. When you reveal only one (or zero) card each turn you can plan everything way more easily. Energy can manage the encounter deck with a test of will and this card is the second best choice to ensure that all is going to be okay.

Rouxxor 1380