Riddermark Knight

Ally. Cost: 2. 0   2   0   2  

Rohan. Warrior.

Response: After Riddermark Knight is declared as an attacker, it gets +2 for this attack. At the end of this attack, discard Riddermark Knight.

After him thundered the knights of his house... -The Return of the King
Sebastian Zakrzewski

The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat #112. Tactics.

Riddermark Knight

A good cost-to-attack value, with the potential for big attack burst in a pinch. Very much worth in my opinion if you have the deck space and you want to be able to clean house more easily. Good combos with Gamling or Westfold Outrider.

I've grown to really like Riddermark Knight as a help to my attacking force in any deck with . I'm usually on board with allies with 2 cost for 2 of any stat, and this one I like better than most. I normally play a copy or two of these guys, and then let them help with attacks until I get swarmed or I have to kill a boss enemy. I like the two hit points for either a 1 archery damage soak or helping this guy to stay alive against ally-damaging treacheries, which constantly take out my other 2 cost-2 stat favorite, Galadriel's Handmaiden.

Truck 1202
I like how its not a forced effect like on escort from Edoras but rather a response, meaning that you don't have to trigger it and lose him right away--you could use him just for his 2 attack and save his boost for later — BlackArrow 187
Same here. EfE would be so much more usable if it was a response, but I think it was a little early for them to release a card like that. FFG seemed really scared of making cards too OP in cycle 1.really — Truck 1202