Pillars of the Kings

Event. Cost: 4.

While your threat is less than 40, reduce the cost to play Pillars of the Kings by 4. Action: Set your threat to 40. If this effect raised your threat, draw a card (draw 4 cards instead if it raised your threat by 10 or more).

"Behold the Argonath, the Pillars of the Kings!"
-Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring
Sam White

Wrath and Ruin #3. Leadership.

Pillars of the Kings

Am I thinking correctly that this card functions the same way The Galadhrim’s Greeting does? At first, I was only focused to make it work as an engine for drawing tons of cards, but now I realized that it can actually keep you in Valour mode for a very long period of time. It can reduce your threat by 9, which is pretty awesome for mono leadership decks.

Rimogard 282
Also, since it says "set" your threat, it doesn't specifically reduce it like The Galadhrim's Greeting, making it incredibly overpowered in quests with the Dire keyword. — AlasForCeleborn 649
@AlasForCeleborn, are you certain? Going 30-->40 counts as "raised", so it seems that going 49-->40 should be "reduced". — ellipticaltable 197
What I wanted to say is that it basically allows mono leadership decks to reduce their threat instead of using overused conbos such as Sneak Attack & Gandalf. I’m not sure about the wording and how it will affect certain quests. — Rimogard 282
That’s quite interesting though, it makes the card even better. I’m almost 100% sure that setting your threat to a certain level is different than reducing/increasing your threat. — Rimogard 282
Caleb clarified that "reducing your threat" includes all instances where your threat level goes down in number, no matter which verb is used "set", "reduce", "lower" and so forth. So using this card in a Saruman deck with 45 threat would only bring you down to 44 due to Saruman's effect — Alonewolf87 1859
Nice catch, thanks for the clarification. — Rimogard 282