Deeping Bowman

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   1  

Rohan. Warrior.

Devoted. Ranged.

Action: Discard Deeping Bowman to choose an enemy. Until the end of the phase, that enemy does not count its while determining combat damage.

“We loosed every arrow that we had, and filled the Dike with Orcs.” —The Two Towers
Epic Games

ALeP - Children of Eorl #5. Leadership.

Deeping Bowman

Great addition to the ally pool, especially the Rohan ally pool. Having the Devoted keyword, he can be added to pure Rohan (or Warrior) decks even without access. His ability can be very useful in taking down beefier enemies. I have made specially good use of him with Éomer. Even when you have Gúthwinë attached to him, he will still often be unable to take down those enemies in the staging area that you really want dead. But with this guy, he can one-shot most of the enemies in the game; and thanks to Gúthwinë’s effect, you can return Deeping Bowman to your hand after the attack to repeat the trick. Granted, you’ll have to invest some resources to do that every round, but that’s a nice design bonus, I think: If you’re playing a mono- deck, you’ll have plenty of resource acceleration anyway (because Éomer is already eating up one resource every round), but if you’re mixing in other spheres (like Tactics), you’ll prefer other options (and have less resource acceleration). Before this guy, Éomer was hard to make good use of in a deck without Tactics access to cards like Spear of the Mark, but with Deeping Bowman, he has received some much-needed mono- support. Of course, our friendly fellow is also a nice addition to any other deck able to play him. You can always choose to either attack with him (and since he has the Ranged keyword, he will have a target more often than not), or, if you’re down more than 1 , you can discard him so your other attackers can hopefully finish the job. He also has 1 , which is always nice (and being Rohan, he can be boosted by cards like Astonishing Speed). A great addition to the card pool, and bonus points for giving new life to an otherwise difficult-to-use type of deck.

Taudir 325