Bree-land Protector

Ally. Cost: 2. 0   2   1   2  

Dúnedain. Bree.


Response: Exhaust Bree-land Protector to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during an attack and deal the attacking enemy another shadow card. If this attack deals no damage, return Bree-land Protector to its owner’s hand after the attack.

Gal Or

ALeP - The Gap of Rohan #80. Spirit.

Bree-land Protector

This card indicates why fan cards are too good. It takes the power level of the best attacking spirit ally (Knight of Belfalas) and adds two useful abilities. First, devoted is helpful for Dunedain decks which need shadow protection, but it does not help with much else. This brings me to the second ability - its great. Getting Balin's ability for free on a 2 cost ally is insane. While making sure damage is dealt can be tricky in some decks, paying 2 resources for this ally the next turn is totally worth it. In short, this card has insane stats for spirit and an epic ability. Fan cards, I love you, but you're just too good.

LEGOlas 130
This is exactly the problem I'm having with the ALeP content. The cards work really well . . . too well. There is no challenge, and oftentimes they render vast portions of the original card base obsolete — Swordthatwasbroke 728
Easy enough to exclude them. It's nice they exist but I hear you. — Raiderjakk 58
It might be worth pointing out that these ALeP cards come alongside new quests as well. If there is a concern about them being too strong, you can always limit their use to the ALeP quests. Then who knows, maybe they'll surprise you. Sometimes the theorycrafting doesn't pan out when the cards actually hit the table. — Seastan 42661
Take also this into consideration: if this card had had only 1 Attack or had cost 3 there is a decently high chance it would not have seen play. How many people are playing say Dunedain Watcher. — Alonewolf87 2237
I think the ally seems fine. Well balanced. I wouldn't say the stats are insane, nor the abilty epic. Seems about the same as Knight of Belfalas. Inside a Gondor swarm, the Knight's ability is pretty good, and he brings Willpower as well. The Protector loses the willpower (can only be used for combat), and the Balin-proc effectivly costs 2 resources and makes the Protector miss out on attacks that round. Sure, she is better than the Knight if you're not in Gondor, but then, the Knight is very average if you're not planning on making use of his ability. — old_toby 49