Elrond and Co (Saga - A Shadow of the Past)

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Igloo 84

This is a pure netdeck, no changes have been made. Please see “Inspired by” for more information. As I move through the Saga, I suspect I will be making some changes and will notate that here.

Expected Match Up against "A Shadow of the Past"

Having played A Shadow of the Past a number of times, I believe these decks will do well. Being able to quest well and then turn around and do hide tests requires some action advantage. Light of Valinor and Unexpected Courage should help out both decks in this regard. A Test of Will with Dwarven Tomb and Frodo Baggins should help me with encounter card effects, such as Have you Seen Baggins!, Crawling Towards Him and The Ring Draws Them.

If I am lucky, I will pull the side quest Gather Information on the first turn. I find that if I can take a couple of rounds before I get to Stage 2 to get set, I tend to do better against the Black Riders.


Oct 30, 2018 Igloo 84

Having issues publishing Fellowship