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Yepesnopes 452

This is my take on a Haldan deck for multiplayer. It works very nice with two players, and quite good with three. I have not tested it with four players. I imagine it is not that enjoyable in a four players game. In a two player game, it is better to paired with a deck that can parry straight out of the box.

Heroes: I have chosen Idraen and Gildor Inglorion to accompany Haldan.

Idraen because she synergies very good with Haldan and because I wanted access to spirit cards such as Ancient Mathon or A Test of Will. Most of the time she will be questing for 2 and getting ready to defend (early game) or to attack.

Gildor Inglorion is here to access some key cards (like Follow Me! and Ranger Provisions) and to provide card drawing. The deck is very light on leadership cards, so most of the time you will be using his ability to draw cards. Ranger Provisions is specially sweet. For 1 resource, after clearing the active location, you will draw one card thanks to Haldan's ability, get one resource on each hero and you can then spend the resource on Gildor two draw another card. All in all, for for 2 resources you get to draw two cards, one and one resource :) Follow Me! is an auto include in multiplayer. Basically is doing the same as Gildor's ability plus it gives you the first player token so you can play attachments on the active location again. The use of this card is all about the timing. During your turn , play all the cards you want on the active location, but do not play Follow Me!. After the staging step, you have an action window, and then you will know if you are going to explore the active location or not. That is the right moment to play Follow Me! If you are not going to explore the active location, just use your resource to draw a card with Gildor's ability and save Follow Me! for the next round.

Allies Haldir(s) are a proxy to Mirkwood Hunter. This ally is obviously awesome in a deck with Haldan. I have had a game where I played two of them on the same round for free! The Dunedain Pathfinder are here to fetch you locations when needed. Don't worry too much for getting a difficult location, Thror's Map will make your life easier in the travel phase. Jubayr and Beorn are going to be your main defenders (who ever comes first), and both will be the recipients of a Hauberk of Mail. Play them using an Elf-Stone as soon as possible. Arwen is here to boost the defend of Jubayr or Beorn. If she is occupied as a hero, change her for a Wild Stallion, you won't lose much :) Yazan and Legolas are your heavy hitters obviously, which together with Haldan and Idraen gives you a lot of hitting power. If they are occupied in another deck, put anything else you like, another Mirkwood Hunter or the Marksman of Lorien are totally fine. Alternatively, if your partner has a lot of ranged attack, you can go for Treebeard, Glorfindel, Quickbeam... The Galadhrim Weavers are here to fetch you a card you may need again, typically A Test of Will, but sometimes you can use her after a Second Breakfast to fetch a Follow Me! If it is urgent, you can use her as well to fetch any attachment. Both for her and for Second Breakfast, once the active location is explored, remember to place your attachments in the discard pile in the order that is more convenient for you ;) I have included two Wardens of Healing to keep you heroes and allies healthy, you rarely will need more.

Card Drawing The deck has tons of card drawing. Gildor Inglorion will be drawing an extra card per turn like 90% of the time. Ancient Mathom will get you 4 cards at a time, which is sick! Glamdring can go either on Idraen or Haldan which together with Legolas will be giving you two cards every time you kill an enemy. I have included a Will of the West because some times the deck can draw so many cards that you empty your deck. Alternatively, if you run out of Follow Me! you can use Will of the West to bring them back. Second Breakfast is here to retrieve that attachment that you need from last round, and it helps every body on the table! I typically use to fetch an Elf-stone, but it depends on your needs.

Resource acceleration This deck does not need too many resources to play. Use the Elf-stones to bring your big tactic allies or Jubayr early in the game. The Necklace of Girion and /or Orcrist are best used on Idraen (I will put the first one one her, and the other depends on the needs of the game. Orcrist is a proxy for the new leadership Orcrist.

Threat management Your only card to manage your threat is Woodmen's Clearing. Typically it is enough, but if the adventure is heavy on Doom effects, what I do is retrieve the card with second breakfast, or Galadhrim Weaver, or even Will of the West if I am in a dire need.

Guarded cards Correct me if I am wrong, but as per the rules, it seems that a location with a guarded card attach to it, is a location with an attachment, and therefore it synergies with Haldan, is it not?

Sideboard I have included a small sideboard to do small changes depending on the quest. Not much more to say besides what I mentioned in the ally section. May be it is worth to say that if you are going to face an adventure with a long boss fight, better include a second copy of Arwen and two copies of Wild Stallion. You can easily take out the Galadhrim Weavers and a Pathfinder. Also, in three players game, the Dunedain Pathfinder are not so much needed, as you will always have a location to travel to. You can change them easily for anything. I am considering changing them for three copies of West Road Traveler.

Of course, if you want to play solo with this deck, remove the three copies of Follow Me! and add Treebeard, Quickbeam straight away!

The three copies of Thror's Key are here if you feel brave to face a nightmare quest or Attack on Dol Guldur with this deck :)

Final comments You can play of course your attachments to help others in the fellowship! In fact, I would advice that when teaming up this deck with other decks, I would encourage to include in the other decks Elf-stones as resource acceleration. It helps everyone!

In any case, this deck is tons of fun to play, both in multiplayer and solo. You will have to face many decisions every round and not two games will look the same! ;)


Dec 04, 2018 Alonewolf87 100

For the threat South Away! could be useful, and it also the help better manipulate the locations or avoid nasty travel effects.

Dec 04, 2018 Yepesnopes 452

I am not a fan of the card. Most of the time locations will have one or two attachments and the Travelling is already covered by Thror's Map which is an attachment and therefore repeatable. Nevertheless, on a quest with a lot of Doom effects or similar, it is a card worth considering.

Mar 28, 2019 Libro Rojo 214

Heirs of Earendil will be fun to control some locations that you can't explore in the Staging Area. Maybe help you to clear a location that appeared by Guarded Cards or the Pathfinder.

May 01, 2019 Yepesnopes 452

Heirs of Earendil is an interesting proposition!

May 07, 2019 wehehe 484

Nice deck. I tried yesterday in a 2 player's game, with a traps deck, and it worked quite well. I've made it some changes though, as I think that Mirkwood Hunter and Forest Road Traveler are great inclusions to the deck.