Shield wall (let them run into our spears)

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Olander 93

This deck defends, pseudoquests and kills with ranged. want at least on god questing companion deck. Bad at taking on bosses.

Bilbo is tactics Bilbo, this deck is all about defending and direct damage (Thalin, Bilbo, spear of the citadel, Gondorian spearman, Rumuil, Yazan, Goblin cleaver and hail of stones, Galadohn archer Beregond with a gondorian shield) and pseudo questing (Bilbo, hail of stones, goblin cleaver), with a little bit of ranged thrown in(Legolas, Rumil, Warrio of dale, Galadhon archer and Yazan. Some Damage reduction and threat canceling with Honour guard and raven winged helm and finally Secret Virgil) Built for multiplayer. Also a little bit of Attack canceling (Feint and Grimbold).

Beregond would benefit from extra readying unexpected courage, Miruvor, lembas and so on.