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SamthemanGamgee 416


this is a solo deck that takes advantage of three strong heroes to get through most scenarios. in your opening hand you want either light of valinor or mirror of galadrial. these will help get the deck rolling but you can win still without either in your opening hand. it will just take longer. after that treebeard is the defender and allies come to help. its not a hard deck to run but some notable combos are the mirror and the harp, glamdring and light of valinor on glorfindel, unexpexcted courage and nenya on galadrial, long lake fisherman to find an important piece, and daerons runes to discard excess uniques or harps.


Jan 08, 2019 mrbonanza 1

with 20attachment, master of the forge?

Jan 08, 2019 SamthemanGamgee 416

You could potentially add him but I found I didnt need him and he only took up space after a couple of turns

Jan 10, 2019 The BGamerJoe 3113

Nice deck! I got to play a few games with it and had a good time and a great win ratio! I featured it on my blog. Nice work, as always!