Journey to Rhosgobel - Brad's Deck - Improved

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Journey to Rhosgobel - Progression - Improved
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nttArc 17

This time we brought Glorfindel, although he can't heal Wilyador without getting discarded from the game, we were not able to cancel absolutely every treachery and therefore ours characters had some damage to heal. This being said, we only used that ability once or twice but I don't regret taking him because sometimes he helped questing and sometimes he helped attack (when not a bat or crow) and he overall served several useful purposes. We also brought Eleanor. Initially we did not because we don't like having to reveal another encounter card when cancelling a treachery, but because there are so many bad treacheries and the enemy and locations aren't so bad, Eleanor is very useful to avoid the absolute worst treacheries and replace with a mild enemy or location without wasting cancel effects. On the topic of cancel effects, we decided for spirit in both decks such that we had access to cancel effects in both decks, extremely useful with the number of bad treacheries and shadow effects in this encounter deck.

Overall we had a very convincing victory and this setup was far and away an improvement upon the first fellowship we took to this scenario.