Warriors of Gondor

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Might of Gondor
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Velensk 53

Velensk has a newer deck inspired by this one: Warriors of Gondor

A mono tactics Gondor/Warrior Deck suitable for all your battle questing needs.

Not intended as a solo deck (except on battle quests) though you could substitute in Eowyn for Hirgon and have some willpower. An ideal partner for this deck would be another gondor deck, ideally with leadership Borimir and visionary leadership and some extra questing power (you could switch out your ally Borimir for something on the side board). An ally who can help you out with card draw is also nice as this deck will tend to burn through itself relatively quick.

This deck is simply looking to be able to put out a lot of combat power quickly. Use your events and Imrahils ability to aggressively engage enemies early and take control of the board, then simply don't let go. You can treat Imrahil's ability as a renewable feint for each turn that can also be used to attack and has other potential upsides with cards like Horn of Gondor, Boromir, Gondorian Spearmen, Last Stand, and Marksman of Lorien on the field. Rainment of War is primarily intended for allies though you could get mileage out of slapping it on Imrahil.

Against decks featuring many low hitpoint enemies, you can get some mileage out of swapping Hiragon out for Thalin at which point spearmen and spear of the citadel can do work. If you have enough defensive direct damage, stand together can be used to wind them together, or alternatively to combine several allies with mediocre defense and even more limited attack together. If you're facing high hitpoint enemies, the spearmen might be worth keeping around due to their synergy with Prince Imrahil but the stand togethers should probably be tossed.

Incase it needs be said, this deck will die horribly if it finds itself having to deal with multiple locations all by itself on any non-battle quest.