2 hands universal Dwarf deck 1

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Universal Dwarf deck for Khazad-Dum and Dwarrowdelf cycle
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None. Self-made deck here.
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czyn 67

czyn has a newer deck inspired by this one: 2 hands universal Dwarf deck 1

This deck is prepared mostly for early Scenarios of Dwarrowdelf cycle with cards up to 3rd scenario from this cycle but the plan was to create the most universal two hands deck (this is deck nr. 1) for all scenarios. Bifur's abbility allows to have equal amount of cards from both spheres. Legacy of Durin and Horn of Gondor should be played only if they appear to hand. Hail of Stones helps to remove nasty enemies from staging area (for example with long bench even possible to defeat Watcher in the Watcher). Shadow of the Past is very usefull card and can be used in most critical moments of play (for example helps find password in Watcher in the Water or allows to draw 'safe' card from encounter set in crucial moment of game).