Full-Progression Series: MEC07 - Return to Mirkwood 2/2p

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Return to Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2019-02-03
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Full-Progression Series: MEC07 - Return to Mirkwood 2p
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Sarseth 132


Feb 07, 2019 Fizzmas 1

Did this and the other deck beat the Return to Mirkwood? If so how many times did it take. My son and I are looking for some fresh ideas for this scenario.

Feb 07, 2019 Sarseth 132

TBH one try. ringsdb.com
But I know this quest a lot and I played it dual handed, so it was easier for sure. Elheim I found very important there, the blue-green had Gollum for long time. It is important as well to cancel all the threacheries, with Test of Will if those 4dmg to hero. Always one for this kind of danger..
Eleanor is a backup, so never exhaust her for questing, never ;)
And if able, check with Denethor what's coming, knowing half of cards that's gonna be there is a lot for this quest as well, and you can put down cards like 4dmg to a hero, while not having Test of Will, since Elanor must be there for backup of second card, that can kill one hero.