Agressive deck series #3 - Noldor

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Agressive deck series #3 - Noldor 27 19 6 1.0
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13nrv 2733

An update of the previous version with a more thematic lineup of Hero.

Previous version :

Gildor Inglorion instead of Denethor. We loose some ressources at the begin but we have more willpower and more draw power. The deck is still explosive.


Feb 05, 2019 Seastan 17478

Nice to see you posting decks again @13nrv!

Feb 06, 2019 13nrv 2733

@Seastan Thanks ;)

Feb 06, 2019 sappidus 515

Your original is one of my favorite frameworks, as evidenced by me publishing a couple of variants on it over the years. Nice to see a Gildor version!