The Line Unbroken - Battle of the Pelennor Fields Deck 2

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The Line Unbroken - Battle of the Pelennor Fields
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Warden of Arnor 3269

a.k.a. Faithful Beyond Fear.

The Line Unbroken is my Progression-style playthrough of the LOTR LCG - two-handed, going through each quest using only cards which were available at the time of the release (though following up-to-date rules/errata), and trying to show off as much of the card pool as possible, including for the vast majority of the quests, using the new hero(es) in the boxes where they were released. For the LotR saga quests I am playing in campaign mode. This deck also included the Glamdring boon.

This was my second deck for Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Here's the first deck: And here's the fellowship:

Youtube playthrough: