Secrecy Hobbits - Lure of Middle-Earth

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Alonewolf87 92

Tribal Hobbit deck I am working on for the Lure of Middle-Earth convention, is based on the idea of using Resourceful+Bartering+Sword Thain to quickly get to three Spirit Heroes (Bilbo-Thained, Imrahil and Merry) and then go full power with Out of Sight (discounted by secrecy and Good Meal and repeated with the Map of Earnil) to never have to worry about the combat phase again. Also a bit of pipe cards for thematic and general purposes.

The side quests are there mainly for the Halfling Bounder, but if some other deck will include them I was thinking of swapping them for The Shirefolk to ensure even more turns of Secrecy, even though between Merry and Smoke Rings it should alread be more then enough. Also Out of the Wild could be a nice addition if someone else is not using it.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.