Istari and the eagles

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Olander 93

Gandalf staff is Radagast staff. Combat deck with mabye 6 to 10 to bring to questing, but it should hadle enermies and some locations. Mulligan for Radagast and tighten our belts and Eagles of the misty mountains spend no resources and at round to play The eagle and Radagast with your nine resources. If you have the staff you can play it as well and reduce cost of the eagle by two. Support of the eagles goes on Grimbeorn making him a better attacker or defender. Try not to spend Grimbeorns resources and rember to put two warhorses on Grimbeorn, with support of the eagles he should ready. Mablung should have a steed of the north and a weapon Amarthiul can have two weapons. Sneak attack can target, Gwahir, Gandalf, Landroval or Menelndor. Remember that Radagast can heal your creatures. Try to keep two enermies engaged for Amarthuil to trigger. Blade of gondolin is pseudo questing and can kill locations.

Suitable partner/s deck should have healing and Elf stone and take care of questing.