gimli and the role reversal 2.3

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Largo Black Riders - Conflict at the Carrock 3.0
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gimli and the role reversal 1.31 1 0 1 4.0
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gimli and the role reversal 2.3 0 0 0 6.0
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AltarofPan 5

AltarofPan has a newer deck inspired by this one: gimli and the role reversal 2.3

deck created for a 3-player Conflict at the Carrock session. any input is welcomed.


Mar 05, 2019 doomguard 30

perhaps more weapons (dagger and the new sword, can be used by any of the heroes) and foehammer. and then, if you reach about 15-20 attachemets that can put on gimli, add Well-Equipped.

i would dismiss for that:

  • secret vigil (with gandalfs and greetings and favour really enough for thread)
  • eagels are coming (one is none ;) )
  • will of the west (even with well equipped you will never go through your whole deck)
  • riddermark finest, they will perhaps one location, for 2 cards and 4 ressoursses? not effective

Mar 06, 2019 AltarofPan 5

awesome thank you!