Death by a Thousand Cuts

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kypatzer 38

The main goal of this deck is to get Bilbo equippped with Sting and in conjunction with the Gondorian Spearmen to cut your enemies to shreads before they can attack you. Gather Information, Open the Armory and Master of the Forge will fish out the guarded attachments from your deck. Since we are going to focus on getting Gather Information completed early I have included some cards that benefit from having a side quest in the victory display (Riders of Rohan, Vigilant Dunedain & Thalion). In addition to Side Quests and low threat Thurindir and Glorfindel supply the traits to give us access to Heir of Earendil.

Opening Draw: You would like to see one of your guarded cards (preferably Sting) or Open the Armory. Also you are looking for Hobbit Pony and Light of Valinor. This shouldn’t be too critical though as your first goal will be to clear Gather Information.

Early Game: Get Sting out so Bilbo can start chipping away at it’s guard. Get Gather Information in the victory display to turn on your Riders of Rohan and Vigilant Dunedains. Wild Stallions will attach to either of these as needed. You start out with pretty low threat so hopefully you wont have to engage any enemies until you are ready.

Bilbo obviously gets Sting and Hobbit Pony ASAP. Hobbit Pony allows Bilbo to wait until an enemy shows up during the quest phase before committing. Bilbo isn’t going to be doing any defending here, he will just be plinking away at enemies by Questing sucessfully and attacking with Sting. Once you get Bilbo/Sting online or a Gondorian Spearman with a Spear of the Citadel you should be able to finish off a lot of enemies before they get to attack. Until then use the Feints to stop attackers long enough to deal with them.

Use Heirs of Earendil and Asfaloth to remove any locations that end up guarding Glamdring, Necklace of Girion or The Arkenstone. Glorfindel gets Glamdring and the Necklace goes on whoever needs the resources the most.

Master of the Forge lets you dig for more attachments. The rest are just good general purpose allies.


Apr 06, 2019 kypatzer 38

Added The Arkenstone, Mablung and Grimbold

Apr 11, 2019 The BGamerJoe 2862

Nice deck. Bilbo seems a little tricky to build around but I think this set of heroes and support cards works really well. I played a bunch of games with it and featured it on my blog here:

Apr 11, 2019 TheChad 4963

Very cool deck. I am working on one that has Haldir instead of Thurindir. Same idea, use Bilbo and Asfaloth to get those Guarded attachments quickly. Well done!

Nov 17, 2019 Guily 36

Nice one ! I also enjoy this bilbo very much, even (or because :) ) he is tricky.