Beorn to be Wild

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Wandalf the Gizzard 1245

Is anyone tired of all the intricate deck archetypes floating around? Maybe you just want to go on a quest and fight some baddies. This deck is very fun to play, but is also incredibly straightforward. It only uses cards up through the Hobbit saga boxes. Let me show you how it works.

I usually rely on Beorn for defense early until Frodo gets a Ring Mail, which is your mulligan target. Since this deck is incredibly resilient in the early rounds ( You can quest with Eowyn and Frodo, soak up a barrage of attacks with Frodo and Beorn, and still have five attack leftover to swing back with) the main issue is late-game stability.

This is achieved through the many strong, stat-padded allies, and hyper threat reduction. Frodo and Beorn can only take so many hits before you need to think about actually completing the quest, so Winged Guardian is a great back-up defender late and there is plenty of threat reduction to counter Frodo's ablity.

I don't usually have trouble paying for cards, so there isn't much on terms of resource acceleration, but you should be fine. Imladris Stargazer, though, is the MVP of the deck. Like many / decks without Arwen, this one can easily stall out without card draw, so the Stargazers and Mathoms go a long way. Dwarven Tomb and Gandalf can also help with card draw if your threat is under control

Well, that should be all. Fairly straightforward. Play cards, turn 'em sideways, kill orcs, and have fun! Thanks for reading!