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Wandalf the Gizzard 1238

I personally have always been in love with idea of ranged attacks, bowmen, long distance weaponry, etc, so it's no surprise heroes in LotR that are Ranged or can attack the staging area are my favorites. It's such a shame that Bard the Bowman's strength and heroism doesn't really come across in his portrayal in the game, but I've had mild success with him in this deck.

Mulligan for Great Yew Bow, which will allow Bard to snipe enemies in staging from the safety of friendly lines. There is plenty of threat reduction in the deck to stay beneath the engagement costs of most enemies, but some will still get though. Frodo could soak an attack in an emergency, but I'd rather keep my threat as low as possible, so Winged Guardians, Feint, and Hands upon the Bow are crucial.

On the other side of things, without Light of Valinor, questing successfully will cost you quite a bit of threat, so make that card a priority. There are lots of cheap questing allies in the deck, so hopefully you can speed through the quest before your threat creeps too high.

If the quest you play is centered underground, the sideboard cards are a nice Dwarf-focused suite that will really help to keep your threat low. You'll also have Nori as a back-up defender.

While this deck isn't by any means top-tier, it scratches that Bard itch well. It should give you a decent chance against any quest that doesn't swarm you with low engagement cost enemies from the get-go. Thank's for reading, and have fun questing!