Rad Eagles

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GregLord 15

When I saw the Radagast card and staff come out I knew I wanted to make this deck, a Hirgon Eagle Readagast deck. I loved the idea of Radagast's staff and Hirgon giving solid resource acceleration and access to Lore giving solid card draw.

Goal: The main goal of this deck is to get out eagles as fast as possible and use them to handle combat needs. Other allies are added to fill out the deck and address needs as necessary. I am primarily a solo player, so ally choices have a slight willpower bend compared to other tactic choices.

Mulligan: Radagast's staff is the most important item in the deck to power resource acceleration and other affects. After the staff, card draw and the Eagles of the Misty Mountain are the next most important cards. Card draw to get the deck moving faster and the eagles to get powered-up early.

Sideboard: Support of the eagles is not needed for this deckbecause the tactics heroes are questing. However, it may be a useful add for multiplayer.

Note: I am still optimizing on some of the allies and events so some small changes may occur.