The Only Brew for the Brave and True

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Twelvesmallsquares 141

Here is a Hobbit deck with the classic lineup of Tactics Merry, Lore Pippin and Leadership Sam, but updated with the latest cards.

Pippin is there for card draw to to increase the engagement cost of each enemy that comes into play. Sam will be doing the bulk of the questing and defending, and so he should be kitted out with Celebrian's Stone, Fast Hitch, Friend of Friends (with Merry taking the second copy), and a Hobbit Cloak. Merry should be loaded up with the Dagger of Westernesse so he can be hitting for 7 (if the enemy engagement is higher than your threat). Sting can go on either Sam or Merry, but Sam is probably the best choice as he will be questing every round, and so benefitting from the willpower boost, and defending too, so the direct damage from Sting can wear an enemy down.

Gaffer Gamgee is another key piece of the deck. Raise the Shire will let you dig him out (or if you have already gotten him into play then you can grab Rosie). Ideally you will get at least one resourceful out on trn 1, ideally on Pippin, then you can afford to pay for Gaffer Gamgee every round and therefore always have one enemy unable to hit you. In the interest of getting your threat under 20 3 copies of The Shirefolk are included - what a card!

Halfling determination does its usual thing, and A Good Harvest will let you spread your resources around a bit more to get the key pieces out when you need to.

Barliman is always on hand, ideal for the early game to protect the heroes whilst you get your board setup. All the other allies are there in a supporting role - Bill adds a little boost to HP, Firyal allows a little encounter deck manipulation and has high willpower (ideally get her into play with the Elf Stone/Woodmen's Path combo), Gandalf is Gandalf, Ioreth and Warden bring a little healing to the party, Master of the Forge lets you fish for attachments - really handy for getting setup, Quickbeam and Treebeard are just all round strong; and Rosie, as ever, adds so much. Get a Fast Hitch on her so you can quest with her, then add her +2 to whatever you need. Sword Thain her if you can so you can get the extra resources each round.

The new Hobbit cards are great. I was wary of guarded cards at first, but I am growing to really appreciate them. Any feedback appreciated.


Jun 15, 2019 TheChad 4326

Thanks for the updated version!

Jun 15, 2019 Twelvesmallsquares 141

No problem at all. The deck works as a nice unit, and i'm a big fan of the new Bywater Shirriff. Don't take it up against Fire in the Night though...