Arrows in the Dark

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Christian_Medic 869

The orc that had been standing guard over his sleeping allies drew his last breath and fell to the earth in a silent heap, with an Elven arrow embedded in its skull.

This is the theme of my latest deck with a focus on Stealth (A.K.A. Secrecy and threat reduction) and ranged attacks into the staging area. Mulligan for any of the multiple threat reduction allies/events and resourceful in your starting hand to get a boost economically. Also Light of Valinor and Great Yew Bow are excellent starting cards to help power up each of the Elven huntsmen heroes. The goal is to keep your threat down and power up Legolas with one of each of the three bows so he can attack an enemy with 6 attack in the staging area each round.

Eleanor helps with the game-ending treacheries and can be utilized as a an emergency defender with Unexpected Courage, Gondorian Shield and Livery of the Tower. While the Watchers of the Bruin assist with defending against lesser enemy attacks. Once you get any number of Resourcefuls in play you can deploy Gandalf ally and equip him with his tricks to be able to essentially add a stronger Glorfindel to your fellowship and aid in questing and defending. Treebeard likewise is another solid quester/defender that can help protect your more fragile heroes.

Elven-Light can be used with the Steed, Watcher or Scout and aids with card draw. There are also some classic tactics events along with threat reduction to help keep Gandalf going.

Let me know if you see anything that can be improved. I have up to the end of the Angmar cycle and all Sagas.