Arrows in the Dark 2.0

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Christian_Medic 982

Legolas is the main damage dealer and with Great Yew Bow it precludes needing a defender. Just keep your threat low and freely snipe away at enemies in the staging area. With one of each bow you get a not to shabby 6 attack which can either kill or pepper away at most enemies.

Eleanor can be used as a defender and able to cancel the worst cards we all face in an encounter deck. This also helps protect from direct damage, attachment losing and enemies engaging us, letting Legolas do his sniping.

Glorfindel does what he does best and quests big while being ready to help fight big if needed.

The secret fourth hero of this deck is Gandalf Ally, who can contribute a whopping 4 to any task you require (and with his horse you can quest, attack and defend in a round). His staff and Ring also let him fill up shortfalls with card draw/resources and ready himself and Treebeard for some solid combat defenders/attackers. And with such a low threat and tons of threat reduction you can keep him in play forever and still keep a low Threat to allow Legolas to continue his orc-hunting.

A really fun deck that I am taking solo through the Sagas. Gandalf is the real star of the show but it's fun to use Legolas to destroy enemies without needing to engage or defend against them. Mulligan for light of Valinor, Great Yew Bow and Gandalf. Threat reduction and a resourceful help to fuel your purchases and Eleanor's Livery of the Tower which turns her into an archery soak/super defender in case she doesn't exhaust to shut down a treachery.

Its a fun deck that plays very differently from most others I've tried.


Aug 03, 2019 afteryule 79

Looks great! I'll have to try this out. How often do you find are you able to get in to secrecy to play Resourceful?

Aug 05, 2019 Christian_Medic 982

Thank you! Hope you enjoy! I've had trouble finding ways to play core Legolas in a solo one-handed deck and have narrowed it down to Eagles, Traps and this.

With the tons of threat reduction and card draw it's been pretty much every game. Maybe once or twice it hasn't but usually you start with it or get it fairly quickly. Then Legolas keeps the staging area suppressed while Gandalf and Glorfindel carry the team to victory. Also Eleanor is amazing for basically making you immune to treachery cards in solo. And when you load her up as a defender you don't feel bad if you don't get to cancel a game-ending card in a round, she can help you fend off an orc instead.

Aug 23, 2019 The BGamerJoe 4845

I got to play several games with this deck and I wrote up some thoughts on my games on my blog:

Nice work!

Aug 24, 2019 Christian_Medic 982

Thank you again Joseph! It's a lot of fun but definitely a bit of a challenge to run. I'll link an updated version once I tweak and test it a bit.