Silver Bullet for Solo Fate of Wilderland

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The BGamerJoe 2142

The Ered Mithrin cycle has come to a close and while most of the 9 quests in this cycle have been fairly long, wonderfully crafted quests, this finale is a pell-mell race of a battle that can be a little swingy as a solo game. Every multiplayer session is this quest I’ve played has been tense and has come down to the wire but solo sessions have been less consistent.

When I first picked up the quest, it gave me a strong Battle or Five Armies vibe and it was obviously going to hit you with enemies right away so I built this Beorn deck and had a good time with it, beating it on my first attempt and about 2/3 record after that. Meanwhile I’m getting reports from my friends that they’ve played it 20+ times and haven’t been able to beat it! O then pulled out my other standard decks I keep around and proceed to lose badly with some pretty powerful decks. Apparently I got lucky and built a Silver Bullet deck for this quest.

I’ve tuned it up a little since then and I’ve recorded 5 wins out of 6 games this weekend. There’s still effects in the quest that can mess up your game but there’s good answers to many of the challenges presented in Fate of Wilderland.

  • Beorn is amazing at giving you a solid start. He can defend any of these starting enemies, even a couple times of necessary. After defending he can use his massive 5 and either single handedly take out a smaller orc, or provide most of the power in taking out a larger enemy.
  • Eowyn is always good and she provides a nice base of willpower. The entire game can be very difficult if you start with a Goblin Troop in staging and with Eowyn around, you can just eliminate that problem right away.
  • The Stray Goblin can also make the game difficult if he starts in staging and then can’t be engaged! The Knight of Minis Tirith can engage and kill that enemy right away!
  • You need to quest for 7-8 turn one and with 13 allies with 2wp, chances are very high you’ll be able to play one on the first turn and quest for a comfortable 8 and still have Beorn to defend and attack.
  • This is always a short game lasting only 5-8 turns at the most. Beorn usually runs out of hitpoints around turn 5 or so but by then Landroval has usually shown up and I can just take the largest attack on the table, knowing Beorn will die, then return him to play with 1 damage and keep fighting!
  • There’s several Shadow effects that discard attachments in this quest but this deck has basically no attachments! The shadow that exhausts a character can really hurt but hopefully you have a cheap eagle to exhaust.
  • Hills of Wilderland is a nasty card for this kind of deck but I found that I usually have several combat allies ready during the quest phase that can help reduce that dreaded value and keep you from getting location locked.
  • Beorn is immune to player cards but not encounter card effects so the +1 buff from the Dwarven Watchtower helps him out! Linger at that location if possible!
  • Brown’s Rage makes it possible for Beorn to easily defend and then solo kill all but 2 enemies in the deck.
  • Swarm of Bats is a super annoying and it totally nerfs Hirgon so if you have a combo you really need to pull off a good combat phase, you might want to just play your ally in planning instead of the Quest phase.
  • Wait No Longer is excellent in this quest. You need to find and kill enemies and this way you can commit with minimal characters and still plan out your Hirgon ally etc. Grab a little Sneaky Goblin and you win big!

I like this new quest and I’ve found this deck is a good option for enjoying a solo game. Let me know if it works for you!


Aug 13, 2019 The Broken Meeple 37

This was the quest that ticked me off during the whole cycle. My Dale deck was doing well against all the quests and then this one shows up and basically nerfed it. I would have been one of those 20+ loss people had I bothered to continue with it after a few tries. I could easily see that this was a quest that you had to build decks specifically for and I'm not usually a fan of those as I like to take one band of heroes through a whole cycle.

Thematically you can argue that "help" arrives from all sorts of places when word gets out though. Deck looks solid though.