A Rose and Two Thorns

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Denison 549

This deck hopes to use threat in a variety of ways to gain an early advantage. With 18 starting threat this group has plenty of threat to use.

The One Ring helps negate Smeagol's treacheries and the occasional feint/cancellation. Smeagol helps draw cards, Grima pays for the cards and Eowyn can knock off an early enemy while the Ents come around.

The first resource attachment goes on Eowyn, the next on a Lore hero. With ten resource cards (counting Treebeard,) we ought to see one in the opening hand. The plan is to start playing two ents each round after the first round.

The River Running went as planned. Enemies came out at just the right pace for the Ents to handle them. I did not see Treebeard until late. The first and only Resourceful went to Eowyn. Eowyn helped keep the board state clean in the midgame handling a Warrior of Ruhn. Smeagol's ability only triggered twice in eight rounds, but it was clutch getting an Entmoot and keeping the engine running. I finished with 42 threat, which is kind of a big deal now with that Ring in play.


Nov 08, 2019 Sfrug 252

"The first resource attachment goes on Eowyn, the next on a Lore hero"

Has to be Gríma, since Sméagol can't have attachments.