Noldor at its Best, uniques style

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Flrbb 93

Flrbb has a newer deck inspired by this one: Noldor at its Best, uniques style

My "first shot" on a Noldor based deck, which uses the Fellowship card. As a sidenote: Unlike other decks which did pop up here on ringsdb, this deck will not be able to fullfill the contract within the first one or two rounds. Noldor game play is/was mostly to turtle until your deck is strong enough.

Setup and Style of Play

Muligan for To the Sea, Drinking Song, A Burning Brand, Light of Valinor. In that order of importance. Probably, Steward together with Reforged is also a nice option to keep. (Sadly, Eleven Jeweler cannot be included in this deck, so the options for a starting hand which is able to make use of all the 11 cards from your starting hand are quite limited.)

With 2 resources from two spirit heroes, Arwens additional resource and 2 from Stweard (and maybe a resource from Magic Ring) there will be 6 (if not 7) blue resources in end game. That is enough to play two Lords of Eldar each round.

Together with the contract this results in +3 to each attribute for all the Noldor characters. Which is huge!

In end game, the remaining green resource can be used to trigger Ioreth each round.

General Notes and Tweaking

Reforge can bring Stweard and Rivendell Blade into play (as well as any other attachment you had to discard earlier). Also, they can cheat Explorers Almanac some additional times into play.

The first Burning Brand is ment for Erestor, a second one for Galdor.

To defend against more enemies, both Unexpected Courages are ment for Erestor.

Gildors ability doesn't make much sense here (except you can save a card from discarding and get it back next round), so basically its a stong ally only.

Thalion and Treebeard are other strong allies, which do not benefit from To the Sea or Lords of the Eldar.

The Magic Ring is a relict of a pre-version of this deck of mine, so within this deck this card might not be needed at all. The same applies to Send for Aid.

Rivendell Blade is brought onto the table via discard and then Reforge. But that card might be not needed, because of the +3 to everything.

2 Will of the West are enough to get the core of the deck into play, the faster the deck is empty the faster you can re-play the two Lords of Eldar.


Probably Elladan, Elrohir and Galdor (the most important allies) should be 3 times in this deck. As Magic Ring and Rivendell Blade are the first cards to cut, these might get replaced with a third copy of Elladan and Elrohir.

The listed sideboard is this big, because I wanted to keep these cards in mind. They are orignated from other Noldor decks of mine, as well as other players decks, which I found noticeable. These cards are cut from the main deck because they do not shine that bright in this deck (like A Test of Will) or should be kind of rdundant (like Cloak of Lorien, Lembas and Protector of Lorien). Cards which might worth a shot are Backtrack (if Locations are a bigger problem), and cards for additional draw and resource acceleration.


Nov 08, 2019 Benedikt 203

This looks very great, like a deck you put on the table, when you really want to smash a scenario! Only little suggestion is to swap one Thalion for a Gandalf.

Nov 10, 2019 Flrbb 93

To advance from a Noldor focused deck to a more powerful one, a Gandalf would be a good decision. In that case I think it would be best to have also one copy of Treebeard in the deck. The downside: Lords of Eldar will be less effective.

As the combo with Reforged is really, really powerful I decided to put 3 copies in. Gather Information can then catch it (not just Elronds Council), so I added that, too. For now I added a secon copy of Rivendell Blade, removed Lindir (never used his ability) and above mentioned non-Noldor allies. I am trying Stand and Fight at the moment, but basically I filled the empty spots with Daerons Runes to increase the cycling speed.