Song of the Ents

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Christian_Medic 985

Mulligan for Song of Kings and a Legacy of Numenor/as much card draw and doomed events as you can. Play So of Kings and as much draw as you can, after the first rounds engagement phase is done at the end of the round play all of your doomed events, card draw, resources, searching for more of the first two. If you need to do an Aragorn Threat reset you can do it then or use Favour of the Valar to buy you a round, fail at questing so you can still stay at 45 Threat and then Aragorn at the end of the next round. I've been lucky a few times and pulled all Legacy of Numenor thanks to The Seeing-Stone opening round for a total resource gain of 10 (thanks to Keys of Orthanc).

After the initial opening round surge you will hopefully have a few love of tales in play and you can keep playing a song attachment with Grima's threat reduction to net 2-4 extra resources a round, when coupled with the card draw Lore offers you will get most of your Ents into play fairly quickly.

And once you go through your deck you can do it all again another two whole times. Also White Council is amazing for recycling Threat reduction neutral cards when needed.

For multiplayer games you add in the spirit events and attachment to help people relax about the Doom and use Aragorn to reset them. Though when you triple their game state in the opening rounds I'm sure they won't be as upset.

This deck is one of the most fun I have played and has taken on and beaten some of the hardest quests in the game.


Feb 01, 2020 The BGamerJoe 4887

I got to play several games with this deck and write up my impressions on my blog: I found that I actually did the huge Doomed turn on turn 2-4 and it still worked. Sometimes it took time to get those crucial pieces all ready for the massive Ent Moot!

Feb 25, 2020 Christian_Medic 985

Awesome right up and thank you for putting it through the paces! Glad you had fun with it and I like your choices for a more aggressive streamlined deck. Really enjoying your blog as well, keep at it!