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Tegyrius 105

3 hunters again, now fellowship style. Inner Strength opens up new possibilities for deck-building. Any 2def, 5hp hero or 3def is now a reliable defender (alongside a spirit hero). First up the is the three hunters, and it's working great.

Have tried against some medium scenarios, and the deck is consistent. If you need more healing, the long defeat is also a good option, and for a marathon run, will of the west might be needed, since you sometimes throw/filter a lot of cards.

Thinking of adding another treat reducing card in the main deck (cutting Robin, Galion or Faramir), since there only a window of 13 threats until you're out.


Dec 27, 2019 Tegyrius 105

Having played it bit more, I found that you sometimes lack a good attacker early game (when your heroes have to quest/defend). Ceorl is the only unique 2for2 in these spheres. Suggestions? (Also, the long-knifes are a bit expensive.) Might give Derufin a try, since he also comes with threat reduction. However, you don't have three spirit resources early game. Most efficient is probably to double down on Ceorl, Treebeard and Quickbeam, but I like 1x.

Dec 28, 2019 Goggen 106

You could go with the new Knight of Belfalas: hallofbeorn.com

Dec 28, 2019 Tegyrius 105

Can't play non-uniques under this contract. But that guy is insane, 2 attack for 2 in spirit and an ability. Yes, thanks!