Beravor the Wanderer

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bdavis96 76

Fellowship contract is a proxy card for The Grey Wanderer contract:

alt textalt text [Beravor](/card/01012) synergizes really well with The Grey Wanderer contract. Use her Action during the Resource Phase to draw 2 cards, then exhaust The Grey Wanderer to ready Beravor and add 2 resources. So by the end of each Resource Phase, you draw 3 cards, add 3 resources to your resource pool (4 resources if [Resourceful](/card/04062) is attached), and Beravor is ready for the Quest Phase. [Strider](/card/12091) is the one cost attachment to attach to Beravor per the Setup of the The Grey Wanderer contract, so Beravor starts with 4 and doesn't exhaust to Quest. This is a trap heavy deck. [Firyal](/card/17008) helps with canceling Encounter cards (specifically locations or big enemies). [Interrogation](/card/12090) helps with seeing what is coming and discarding an Encounter card. [Emyn Arnen Ranger](/card/17141) and [Ithilien Tracker](/card/05015) combo together to help boost willpower during the Quest phase. Once [Anborn](/card/06114) and [Ambush](/card/144009) are in play together, Ambush can be recycled every turn so enemies don't get their turn to attack. The sideboard consists of other cards that might be fun to include in the deck.