Strange Bedfelows

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Palpa 1

This deck is ment to do the work of a classic deck, to take care of enemies. So it has to be played in mp with others who do the work.

The Contract

the contract basically provides mana advantage by playing your expensive attachments cheaper. In this way, it provides 2-3 extra ressources turn one and 1-2 (depends on your draw) on later turns. Dont flip! You dont want to tap your Heros, so no need to flip unless you either need the heal (but you have the Dúnedain Warining for this) or are really happy with your attachments (four per Hero). You will need your rmoney even if all your attachements are there (see below)

The bedfellows

Grimbeorn is the best out there. He has solid defense stats (3 and 5 ) and build-in sentinel. His ability basically provides ranged: defend enemies engaged to your co-players and kill them spending the money (which already adds to 5 turn one).

Beregond, the underestimated. Often people like to take Beregond because he sets up fast due to his mana cheat. With the contract, this is no longer necessary. Beregond then has this nice ability to lower threats, which perfectly fits to "Inner Strength". Also, he gives you access to some cards that are really nice in a deck.

Amarthiúl. He gives access to some cards that simply are a must in a modern deck like Armored Destrier or Dúnedain Warning. He also can gain extra money if you really need them (which is only the case if you become overwhelemed by enemies, which is the condition for the extra ressource).

The Attachements

It sure depends on the Adventure you play, but the common optimum configuration would be:

The Bear:

  • Armored Destrier
  • Armored Destrier
  • Armored Destrier
  • War Axe
  • Captain of Gondor
  • Raven-winged Helm
  • Hauberk of Mail
  • The day is Rising
  • Unexpected Courage
  • Golden Belt

This would sum up to 8 and 5 , as well as 6 . And you can defend (and attack, if you have the money) 5 times.


  • The One Ring
  • Gondorian Shield
  • Livery of the Tower
  • Blood of Númenor
  • Golden Belt
  • Inner Strength
  • Raven-winged Helm
  • Unexpected Courage
  • Unexpected Courage
  • Hauberk of Mail

This would sum up to 7 , as well as 5 . And you can defend 3 times.


  • Rohan Warhorse
  • Rohan Warhorse
  • War Axe
  • Warrior Sword
  • Gondorian Fire
  • Golden Belt

This would sum up to at least 8 . And you can attack 3 times.

The flexible Stuff Share the Marks and the Warnings as needed (remember, you can also move them after they are attched, even during combat!), But usally you put everything on the Bear. Beregond will have 7 when you pull one copy of the Gondorian Shield, which should be the case in every game early on and the Bear makes good use of extra , too.

What to do with all the ressources? All your stuff is cheap, thanks to the contract. Your expensive stuff (e.g. the Marks and Warnings can be paid by the wealthy Amarthiúl. And the rest?

Blood of Númenor on Beregond, the 2nd copy on Amarthiúl for emergencies

Livery of the Tower on Beregond: Invincible

Gondorian Fire on Amarthiúl: Killing!

The Bear makes use of them by himself

Heal your Guys by passing a Dúnedain Warning

The events

Foe-hammer is a must to provide your card draw. Look for it with a successful Gather Information. The two others are extra protection.


Yes, all I said sounds very theoretical. I mean, those are optimum conditions. But, thanks to the contract, you really get started very very fast. I can honestly say that it is the fastest performing I ever played or have seen someone play. And the named optimum conditions? Well, you don't need them, honestly, it is just too much.

The downside

You don't have allies (unless you put some ranger summons in). That hurts as you don't have the very handy Honour Guard or the card-draw machine Legolas. I don't miss any others. I can live with that. But in some Adventures you can have trouble if you don't have some chuds to sacrifice. Or shadow effects that discard defenders. These or rare siutuations this deck might be worse than a classic Deck.