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MrSpaceBear 197

Do you like counting really, really high? Do you like doing simple math over and over again? If so, this deck is great.

It's really only designed for one purpose: questing. Play alongside a deck that can handle combat.

There are quite a few cards that boost the willpower of everyone you play. (Note that the Rangers of the North would not be boosted by the "unique" effects, but they do still benefit from Faramir, Fellowship, Sword that was Broken, and The Free Peoples).

Sword that was Broken, Power of Command, The Arkenstone, Fellowship, The Free Peoples, Faramir, Merry

If all of those effects are going off at once, then all of your (unique) characters will have 7 bonus willpower (in addition to their base stat). (This can be 8 if Faramir boosts twice after being readied by The Free Peoples).

Starting hand: Almost any hand with Steward is probably worth keeping. Seeing AVGT, Sneak Attack/Gandalf, Gaining Strength, and Captains Wisdom will also help with early ramp.

Early game: The deck should be able to quest for at least 10 on the first turn with power of command. Try to get Gandalf into play a few times before he will go onto the bench. Use threat reduction once you have enough cards in hand in order to be able to fuel the use of Power of Command.

Mid game: Get those allies and attachments into play. Sneak attack can be used on Merry in the quest phase for some large pushes.

Late game: Quest like your life depends on it. Fully maxed, the deck can put out 108 willpower. (This includes the turn you play Merry or sneaking him in during the quest phase to flip the contract...since we are counting that, we will not include Gandalf in the willpower calculation). It also includes 2 willpower boosts from Faramir.

Ranger of the North - 7 willpower (x3), Aragorn with Celebrian's Stone - 12 willpower, Frodo - 10 willpower, Gildor - 11 willpower, Faramir - 2 exhausts (from Free Peoples), Denethor - 11 willpower, Merry - 10 willpower, Ingold - 11 willpower, 2 other 2 willpower base allies (Gimli, Treebeard, Thalion, Orophin, Anbor, or Erestor) - 10 willpower each.


Feb 24, 2020 Seastan 22544

Nice, curious how it compares to my 100 willpower deck.

Feb 25, 2020 MrSpaceBear 197

If I had to guess, the “100 willpower” deck is typically faster to get off since it has Erestor ensuring you draw the cards you need quickly. I suspect this deck has a more consistently high rounds 7-12, I would think it would quest for more. In “100 willpower”, there isn’t a great way to pass the Spare Hood and Cloaks back from Faramir to other allies to keep looping the process, right? This deck doesn’t rely on Faramir as much.