The Three Hunters, 1/3 of the Fellowship of the Ring (1)

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The Three Hunters: Back Again Under Contractual Obligation 1 1 0 0 1.0
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AtomicDuckie 70

This is the first of a trio of decks that comprise the Fellowship of the Ring. Here we have the more aggressive of the three decks, focusing on the heroes and the massive benefits they gain from their contract: Forth, The Three Hunters!. This is a fairly standard take on the Three Hunters, with some of my own card preferences mixed in and keeping in mind that there are 2 other decks that are meant to play with this one.

Aragorn becomes a questing beast with his attachments. Gimli can become a Dwarven wall that foes will struggle to crack. Legolas can help slay enemies that pop up and quest as needed.


Mar 21, 2020 bobbymcbobface 49

Great job! Looking forward to seeing the other decks. Are you doing this as a campaign style, i.e. no spirit or leadership Frodo, or just normal?

Mar 21, 2020 AtomicDuckie 70

My plan once I'm happy with everything is campaign style. Here are links to the other 2 decks (I forgot to publish them again now that they have been updated so much)