We're all of to Mordor

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Desert Crossing - 1 Player - 2020-03-27
Into Ithilien - 1 Player - 2020-03-30
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Sarus85 30

Just a first hobbit esque deck I have put together now I've added a few more options with the black riders expansion. Eventually I'll use a Fri sphere deck with Merry and Pippin to for that campaign I think but I wanted a thematic deck using Sam, Frodo and Gollum as well. I could have used spirit Frodo but this deck is relatively low threat anyway so I felt the leadership version might be a little different.

There's a lot of cards aimed for Sam just to beef his stats even more where possible and turn him into a real powerhouse to use questing and attacking or defending where needed. A fast hitch should help even more. I included elf stones hopefully to use on one of the more costly allies like Gildor, or Haldir. Faramir, again more thematic with this deck and useful to boost questing with the core staple version.

There's some healing with the warden, plenty of Gandalf, other staples like Steward of Gondor, sneak attack for some punch and resources. A minstrel plus a song of wisdom as Gollum/smeagol obviously could turn against me and potentially mean the lore cards are all unplayable without them but that's part of the game with using Smeagol.

I've tried to cover as much ground as I could with a variety of cards keeping flexible options so we'll see how it goes. There isn't a lot of threat reduction of cancellations that may prove a slight hinderence but there is a little and the deck isn't to high threat starting out anyway.


Mar 27, 2020 Blithe Schlemihl 46

No Secrecy cards? Ithilien Lookout is great with Hobbit Secrecy.

Mar 27, 2020 MadaoMadao 73

A few cards really do look random here, like weather hills watchman with 4 signals. Dunedain warning can stay as it buffs sam, but i don't think you need the other 3. Also you have a few other random cards without purpose - Greenwood archer will not ready anyone, except when sneak attacked - but you want to use sneak attack on gandalf. With all the expensive allies, i would propose Timely Aid and Resourceful, both would really help your economy.