The Lady, the Master, and the Captain

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PeaceAndThought 311

In this deck, you are looking to get Boromir, Captain of Gondor, loaded up with all sorts of goodies: Horn of Gondor for resource generation, Blood of Numenor and Gondorian Shield for defense, Gondorian Fire for attack, and Captain of Gondor for a little bit of both. Meanwhile, Galadriel will exhaust to draw you cards and lower your threat, and Merry will be held back from questing in case an enemy is revealed, allowing him to drop your threat further. These two in tandem will help keep your threat at or close to your starting threat of 26, even while you are readying Boromir multiple times a turn.

In your starting hand, look for either Zigil Miner, Imladris Stargazer, or Horn of Gondor to get your resource engine going. If that doesn’t happen, consider a mulligan unless Mirror of Galadriel is in hand.

In mid-game, once your key attachments are on Boromir and he has become a defending, attacking machine, use a Nenya-wielding Galadriel to place Protector of Lorien on him. By this point, you may be swimming in extra copies of “one-of” attachments, and you can discard the multiples for bonus willpower or defense. If you’re not really looking for any more key cards at this point, you can even “dig” for resources with Zigil Miner blindly. Guessing one will almost always net you at least one more resource, since 23 cards in the deck are one-cost.

Throughout the game, look for the right moment to play Envoy of Pelargir, which can help smooth resources between Boromir and Galadriel, two Nobles of different spheres. If you find yourself with way too many Tactics resources, for instance, and not enough questing power, playing the Envoy with two Tactics resources can place one Spirit resource on Galadriel, which, when combined the two resources she and Merry are collecting each turn, can allow you to play Silvan Refugee and Galadriel’s Handmaiden in one turn, netting you four more willpower and a drop in threat.