R/lotrlcg Crowdsource Deck May 8, 2020

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Win*-Shadow and Flame - 2 Players - 2020-05-09
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kattattack22 791

Special thanks to everyone at r/lotrlcg that voted to create this deck. The following users especially for the ranked voting by comment, @adaepholn, @Beorn, @Card Talk, dieflo, dodecapode, Elfaron31, Eversonout, Flamewright, gandalfstark, Geredan, jetwildcat jstavgguy, @Kirha, makoshark13, MadaoMadao, NUKEm_up, OniNoOdori, smg_souls, sunnyandtony, @TenormanTears, VictorSSGomes

To see how the deck works please check out the play through video! https://youtu.be/DTqoH-6EDNM

I did some quick test runs with this deck. It can really put out some damage. I attacked for 29 in one turn thanks to Eowyn's once per game ability, 3 resources on Na'asiyah, Beorn with his ability activated, and Glorfindl.

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