Scout Away!

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Alonewolf87 492

A deck that tries to put to the best use the Scouting Party event and recur it to produce huge amounts of Willpower


May 14, 2020 Jtothemac 300

If i may share something that has worked tremendously for me... i might recommend you burgle this deck with the contract. I see this is part of the fellowship with their respective roles but you could bring a lot more allies and events that could clear out locations in staging and active location. The loot deck makes sure you can always have haldan ready and arent dependent on getting attachments in. Further, if you do it right, you can ready idrean multiple times.

May 14, 2020 Alonewolf87 492

A deck like that could be fun (I made something similar but the key point of the deck is recurring Scouting Party so the Map of Earnil are key for that and The Burglar's Turn disallows them.