Armory for the Snipers

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Three Player Snipers
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Jtothemac 340


May 18, 2020 doomguard 460

would add 3 goblin-cleaver

May 18, 2020 Jtothemac 340

Not a bad suggestion -- the only problem I ran into with it was that if I don't have Sting or Dagger of Westernesse on one of my heroes, I won't have a weapon to exhaust. Most of these weapons go on the other players. Hail of Stones usually became a little more reliable in that case, as I can usually find a couple of allies ready to exhaust (the Archers are good for this after triggering their enter play effect.

May 18, 2020 doomguard 460

what do u have bofur for, if not for gaining weapons? id bofur seems to less, ad some open the armory and perhaps replace some uniques with other weapons.