THE Bilbo Baggins

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Matthias Maccabeus 31

The deck is pretty self explanatory. Put everything on Bilbo Baggins, the true hero of middle earth. Enjoy!


May 24, 2020 doomguard 112

no strider? what is your attachement from start? i think song of the kings for playing steward? or love of tales?

why not more songs?

since you want to have leadership early i would put in at least one rosie. with the one ring and inner stregth, he could have shadocanceling bevore the brand.

in solo i would discard : 2 courage (the hitches are enough) 1 ringmail (i would play with ring and inner strength) 1 dunedain signal

add ring, inner strength, the green ringattachement rosie strider

in multiplayer games i would discard 2 steward (others need it more i think) blood and fire, for rosie and 3 more songs