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This deck is inspired by powerful elven leaders in Middle Earth. I’ve found that this deck works well for solo and team playing, as it does exceedingly well in both fighting and questing.

One of the most powerful assets of this deck is the way that it circulates cards. With Círdan drawing two cards a phase, and then discarding one, it’s a lot quicker to find cards that I need and get to some of the more powerful ones. Ancient Mathom is a good attachment for locations that lets the first player draw three cards when the location is explored. This doesn’t seem to spectacular at first, but I found that I am playing cards left and right, and that my hand quickly dwindles. Erestor lets me dump cards that I don’t need at the moment in hopes that I will draw a better one. Galadriel lets me search for attachments in the top 5 cards of my deck. Silver Harp allows discarded cards that were really good to return to my hand, and Follow Me! lets you take control of the first player token and draw a card, which is especially nice in a solo game since you’re always the first player! A Very Good Tale puts allies into play as long as you exhaust two of the ones you already had out.

Questing is also easier with this deck because of cards like the Greyflood Wanderer, the Northern Tracker, and the Riddermark’s finest that put progress tokens right on the locations. Steed of Imladris does this especially well. A few of these cards aren’t really Elvish, but they fit so well into the deck that I don’t see any reason not to include them.

Threat reduction is made easy with the Galadhrim’s Greeting, and Conditions are easily rid of by the Bulwark of the West card.

Make sure to attach Narya to Círdan and The Light of Valinor to Glorfindel. This pretty much voids the penalty for questing on him.