Miscellaneous adventures of the random Dwarf's

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Into the Pit - 1 Player - 2020-06-28
The Seventh Level - 1 Player - 2020-07-01
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Sarus85 31

Just a quickly thrown together deck for a few games over the next weeks using some characters I've not used before. I suspect it may be indifferent. Bombur isn't high on my list of effective dwarfs and I'd still likely fall back on using Dain as a real powerhouse.

But some variety is good and after using his spirit version in the last deck this one is usiing Thorin his son instead. It kay siffer from a lack of questing, and a solid defender although Bombur may be able to take that role with some attachments.

Attacking probably won't be to bad with Thorin, and tactics allies in the deck. Healing is covered by the warden, not really a dwarf but effective and as I'm likely to be taking on Khazad Dum, likely needed. Using Oin means spirit is present with threat reduction and cancellation as well.

Gandalf as always for that moment of crisis or even questing in this deck potentially. Resources may be a little hard to come by but i do have the horn of gondor to help a little.

We'll see how it gets on otherwise. I'm not convinced by it, but you never know and I wanted to try using some characters i've not used before and it does that.