Shadows of Mirkwood Progression Spirit/Tactics

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Progression Play for Core set and Shadows of Mirkwood
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Aoshi312 5

Hunt for Gollum: replaced 2 Lorien guides and a wandering took for 3 winged Guardians

Conflict at Carrock: Swapped Dunhere for Frodo

Journey to rhosgobel: swapped out 2 wandering took and a galadrims greeting for 3 copies of escort from edoras

Hills of Emyn Muil: swapped Legalos for brand. Added 3 westfold horsebreaker/ 1 Lorien Guide/3 riddermarks finest and removed 2 dwarf axe, 2 citadel plate and 3 veteran axe hand

The Dead Marshes:

Swapped out Legalos for Boromir

Return to Mirkwood: swapped out 2 stand and fight and 2 Lorien guide for 2 veteran axehands, a citadel plate and a dwarven axe