Shadows of Mirkwood Leadership/Lore

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Aoshi312 5

Hunt for Gollum: swapped beravor for bilbo

Conflict at Carrock: swapped Beravor back in. Replaced 2 guard of the citadel with 2 longboard map makers. Swapped 2 dark knowledge for 2 burning brand

Journey to Rhosgobel: swapped Theodred for imrahil. 1 copy of secret paths/valiant sacrifice/rads cunning for 3 lore of imladris. Swapped 1 faramir and son of arnor for 2 haldir

Hills of Emyn Muil: swapped theodred back in. Removed 3 lore of imladris/ 1 self preservation/2 forest snare and added 1 faramir/ secret paths and rads cunning and 3 striders path

The dead marshes: no changes

Return to Mirkwood: swapped Theodred for Dain